Once more Into the Breach…

Brothers as we enter the last 30 days of this fraternal year and begin the planning for the next, please keep several things in the forefront of your minds.  First while the leadership may change, and while the year may change, our mission as Knights does not.  Our obligation to spread the word of the gospel to those around us does not end.  Our duty to serve our Lord and Savior, does not end.  Neither does our responsibility to reach out to those around us and ask them to join us in our mission of protection.  Remember, our goal is not reached until every Catholic man is a Knight of Columbus who is living his faith!

As we move into the summer months and embrace both changes in leadership and vacation time with our families, do not forget to keep the momentum that we have developed in the growth of our order and of our faith alive.  The evil one does not suspend his work during the summer months and go on vacation.   Neither should we.  I challenge each of you to reach out to one man during June, July and August and ask him to join us on our Journey to grow closer to God every day and become the face, hands, and feet of Christ in our world today.

Finally, as we transition to new leadership in our councils, PRAY for those leaders, HELP them to become the leaders and examples which our councils need. For those taking on new responsibilities, remember always that your accomplishments are not achieved in a vacuum, but rather are the result of the actions which you inspire in the men you lead.  Begin each day in prayer asking for both the Grace and the Strength to be the example that Christ needs you to be!  Remember that all things are Possible in Christ!  Thank you for being, and please continue to be, the bright beacons of hope in our church and Community!

Finally on a personal note, please accept my gratitude for your support throughout my journey!  What WE have accomplished in the past two years is nothing short of Miraculous.  It has happened because as a group we have answered “YES!” to what God has asked of us.  By allowing the Holy Spirit to work through us great things have happened.  PLEASE continue to say “YES”, Our State Deputy-Elect and his team deserve the same level of support you have given me.  It has been the greatest privilege to have served you!  Know that you will continue to be in my prayers!