The Seventh Inning Stretch?

As we enter March we are quickly approaching the ¾ mark for our fraternal year!  It is a good time to access where your council is on achieving your goals!  So this month I have a few questions to ask yourself and then your council.

  • Have I anchored myself in the Sacraments?
  • Do I invite God the Father and God the Son into my daily life?
  • Do I, through my example, evangelize my faith and my membership in the KofC to those around me?
  • Is my Membership Experience in the Knights of Columbus a “Positive” one? If Not Why and What can I do to foster a change?
  • Am I as a Knight making a Positive impact on my family, my parish, and my community?

If you answered no to any of the above, either for you or for your council, I challenge you and/or your council to take some time out of your Day for 1 week and spend 15 minutes in prayer and reflection asking Christ to help you and your council achieve these goals and then listen for his answer and instruction.

Tempus Fugit!  Lets push through to the end and be bright beacons of hope in our church and Community.