Faith in Action Programs Update

Brother Knights,

As we get ready for our October membership drives, let’s not forget how crucial our programs are in recruiting new Knights and retaining current Knights.  Using the new Faith in Action program model, we can accomplish both.

The new model does not require us to start over, but rather gives us an opportunity to enhance our offerings to grow our families and our parishes in our faith.  It also gives us the opportunity to strengthen our communities, especially in a time when they need to be strengthened.

Hopefully you were provided with some guidance regarding implementing some of the new programs at your District meetings.  If not, I or any of the Program Staff will be more than willing to help.  Be sure to also check the Forms section of this website or visit for information on how to run an activity from the list of suggested Faith in Action programs.

Since the “Youth” activities have been moved into either Community or Family, I would encourage each council to participate in the Soccer Challenge and Free Throw Competition this fraternal year.  The instructions and required materials can be found in the aforementioned link.  Also, participation in the Keep Christ in Christmas activities can also enhance some of your recurring Christmas activities, like Breakfast with Santa, etc.

The most important advice I can leave you this month is to meet with your pastor, present him with the “Faith in Action” program model, and ask for his assistance in helping to enrich the spirituality of the families in your parishes.  In conjunction with this advice, instituting the Supreme required councils would be made easier by working with your pastor/chaplain.  Once you have met with your pastor, the next step would be to get the programs on the parish schedule – giving your council enough time to coordinate the materials needed, advertising to your parish and community, then conduct the program.

As with any program or activity remember this path way for success – MEET, SCHEDULE, ADVERTISE, and CONDUCT!


David Zwissler, State Program Director