Are We Knights?

Brothers, when we joined our order, we declared we were practical Catholics. As practical Catholics we observe the precepts of the church, so lets explore the newest: to participate in the new evangelization efforts of the church. St John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI both stated that especially in todays secular society that the laity need to participate in spreading the word of the Gospel, especially to those brothers and sisters who have fallen away from the church.

Brothers, in order to spread the word, do we not need the word to be an intimate part of our lives?  As we have talked over the past several months, this is the most important part of what we as knights need to accomplish.  Not only must we work daily to grow in our faith, we must help our brothers and sisters to deepen their relationship with our Lord as well.   As we embrace our common priesthood, we must be those visible examples of the saving power of God’s Grace.  We must invite those around us to join us, FIRST as Catholic men and women, then to join our family of Knights to be that shining light of catholicity in the world of darkness that surrounds us!

Our Church and our Lord gave us the spiritual means to defend ourselves and our Church against the lures of Satan, and the pull of a secular society.  Are you ready to stand up with your brothers and Defend her?  Are we truly united as brothers in Christ?  If so, then let us work this coming month on being the beacon of Light we are called to be.  Let us call out to our brothers and sisters who have fallen away and invite them back in to the light of our Lords face.